If You Believe in Someone, Tell Them

When I was  in Middle School, I got into a fight with one of my teachers.  I yelled, he yelled, I then went silent and refused to say anything further. Honestly, I don't remember exactly what the fight was about, but I know it had something to do with a public speaking assignment; something that, at the time was way out of my comfort zone.

Years later, that day remains imprinted in my memory, not because of the actual fight, but because of what happened next. I stomped to my next class absolutely livid, convinced that I was going to be angry at that teacher for literally the rest of my life (remember, I was like 12). Half way through, the teacher I had fought with appeared and pulled me out. He sat me down on a bench outside the office, and apologized for getting angry with me. We talked for a few minutes more, and then he said something that stunned me to the core:

 "Morgan, I believe in you. You're going to move mountains."

Prior to that time, no one had ever said something so truly meaningful to me. No one had ever told me they believed in me, and I needed to hear it more than I fully realized at that time. To my eyes, I was a strange child. I was taller than everyone, I dressed differently, I talked differently, and my classmates had always made it clear that I was in them, but most certainly not of them. The permanent outsider. In that moment - as a 5'11", strangely serious, painfully awkward twelve year old - all of that fell away, and I felt like someone could actually see me - Who I really was, beneath an exterior that I felt had somehow let me down. 

Belief is one of the strongest forces in our world. Friendships are made or broken, lives are spared or taken, and savage wars are fought over beliefs. Belief is present in almost every facet of our life in one form or another - God, human rights, good and evil, vanilla or swirl (I believe swirl is best, in fact I know it is). People are willing to go to the ends of the earth, they are sometimes even willing to die in the name of an these intangible wisps of reality. 

Despite their non-corporeal nature, and maybe even because of it, beliefs have immense power. So, to know that a fellow human being has turned that incredibly compelling force towards you: that they have seen who you are, and like what they saw to the point that they went out on faith and decided to believe in you. That is a knowledge capable of lifting anyone to heights untold. 

I haven't spoken with that teacher even once since middle school, but to this day I am so grateful he said what he did. I don't even know if he really meant it, but at this point it doesn't matter. My 13 year old self snatched those words right out of the air, stuffed them in an airtight jar, and has never let them go since that day. His belief helped me to believe in myself, and for that I am tremendously grateful. 

"You're going to move mountains."

If you believe in someone. Tell them. Even if it's not about a dream or a goal. Even if it's just belief in their inherent goodness or worthiness as a human being. 

If you believe in someone. Tell them. Because they are so much more likely to believe in themselves, and when that self-belief wavers your words will help to steady them. 

If you believe in someone. Tell them. Belief is an intangible spark that can that grow exponentially beyond itself, a spark that can light an inferno of color and light in the minds of others. Belief is an intangible force that can have lasting and immeasurably significant effects on the tangible world. 

If you believe in someone. Tell them. It's really the least you can do. 


Enjoy the beautiful view!

Morgan S.