Hiking Daedunsan

Hiking Mt. Daedunsan actually happened a while ago, but I was in my bad blogger phase and didn't make a post about it. However, it was a really cool experience and one that I think is definitely worth sharing. So here it is!

Daedunsan Hiking Korea Suspension Bridge1.jpg

Most of the Nerd Herd and about half of the Goon Squad (don't you love our team names), were in attendance for this hike. After some fits and starts concerning the status of the weather, we all met at the Daejeon Seobu Intercity Bus Terminal and were on our way by about 10:30am. If you live in Daejeon and are interested in this hike, the bus ride itself was about 35-40 minutes long and cost around 7k won ($7). Let me just say I am super glad I don't live that far out in the country: though it is quite beautiful and peaceful, I don't think I would be happy living in a place where the one bus comes once an hour. I would be constantly worried about axe murderers, for real.

 Such a charming bus station...

Such a charming bus station...

Once at the last stop, walk about 20 minutes down the side of the highway to get to the main entrance of Daedunsan National Park.There were several cute restaurants and alcohol stands along the way, but we opted to save that for later - once we had earned our reward.

The weather was crisp and cool, and though the scenery was a little subdued, it was still great to be outdoors again after a long, bitter winter. Though the trail was very steep, we made pretty decent time to the (almost) top. The main attractions on Daedunsan are the suspension bridge that goes from one small peak to the next, as well as a rickety tower of "floating" stairs. Though we braved both, the bridge was especially exhilarating. 

After we noodled around at the top and took a million pictures, we headed to the gondola, which took us back down the mountain. Because this is Korea, and literally everything is over-the-top cute, the gondolas had names and faces. We got to ride in Olea :)

Once at the bottom we stopped for some much needed pajeon and mageolli. Pajeon is a savory Korean pancake that is usually made with green onions and various seafood and then fried in oil. Mageolli is a creamy rice wine that is low in alcohol content, and extremely delicious. Yum!

As you might be able to tell the weather was a little bleak - Is it fog? Is it smog? No one knows for sure! Despite that fact, the hike was great exercise and a lot of fun. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone living in or around Daejeon. I hope to return to this mountain during the fall, and will hopefully do some more hiking soon. The Coloradan in me misses living at the foot of the Rockies <3

Here is the website for Daedunsan, in case you're interested heading that way yourself.

Stay tuned for my upcoming post about five must-eat Korean foods, my tips and tricks for saving money in Korea (and in general), and why you need to stop bullshitting yourself if you want to grow as a person.

Enjoy the beautiful view!