Forget the Word Someday

The more I travel, the more I've begun to develop a serious distaste for the word "someday". Every time I see someone use it reference to having dreams of travel, or when I catch myself using it I get this feeling in the pit of my stomach. It's like taking one lick of your ice cream cone and then accidentally dropping the rest, or seeing your lover wearing only their socks - it's a brief moment of happiness, followed by a unhappy and thoroughly disgruntled, "Oh...." See the thing about the word 'someday' is that it's an insidious and treacherous trickster that gives you the impression of having made a plan, without ever actually following through. I see it all the time:

I'd love to travel the world! I will! Someday...

Whenever I see that, I can't help but think: Will you? Will you really? Or will excuses be made and dreams be put off until eventually that 'someday' accidentally turns into a 'never' right before your eyes?

Now, I'll be the first to admit that I'm guilty of allowing the word 'someday' into my vocabulary; in fact, that was pretty much the story of my life in college. It always went something along the lines of, "Travel costs a lot of money, and I don't have the time. But someday I will. Someday..."  I can also admit that not everyone's circumstances are the same, some people simply have more resources that others; however, why would you let that fact stop you? 

Commitment and proper planning can make travel attainable for pretty much anyone. 

I spend my time pretty much  only doing three things: teaching Korean middle school students, working on this site, and reading other travel blogs. So I know for a fact that there is an enormous wealth of information out there: from cheap or even free ways to travel, to the best budget destinations, to tips and strategies on how to better save money.  I know of several bloggers who literally never ate out, went drinking, or splurged on anything for close to an entire year in order to save the money for the trips they wanted to take.

Though not necessarily as extreme, my story is pretty similar. I am not from a rich family and the entirety of my travel journey has been paid for by yours truly. I've worked between one and three jobs at any one time from the time I was 16, and have always been conscientious about how I spend that money.

So how do you stop being a slave to 'someday'? Easy!

1. Make a concrete and attainable goal

2. Follow through

It really is that simple. 

Choose your destination, do your research, figure exactly how much money you'll need (and then add on a couple hundred because there are always unexpected costs), then develop a plan on how to get that money. Whether it be taking on more hours, another job, or simply adjusting your budget - the money is there somewhere, you just need get creative and commit to you goal with all of your being. 

For those who have never traveled before (including me before I flew the coop) travel can seem like some sort of rare and exotic bird - beautiful, desirous, and totally unattainable. But having been living abroad from over a year now and travelling to several other countries in that time, my mindset has totally changed

The next time you catch yourself thinking wistful 'someday' thoughts, make sure you give yourself a mental slap in the face and direct you next thoughts to the concrete questions of: Where? When? How? If you are scared, or aren't sure where to start, find as many travel blogs as you can and read as much as you can, or even better contact a blogger for advice - most all are not only willing, but happy to share their helpful tips and advice. 

If you keep letting yourself off the hook with the word someday, you're going to wake up one morning and realize you are out of time. So forget the word 'someday' and as Nike would say: Just do it.

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Enjoy the beautiful view!

Morgan S.