Seoul Tower Views

Before I went to Japan, I took a weekend trip to Seoul to shop, eat, party, and check out more of the city sites. I know that was a long time ago.. bad blogger blah blah, whatever, don't care! This time around we made it to Seoul Tower- definitely one of the most iconic sightseeing stops in Seoul. Though there are several ways to get to the tower, I would really only suggest one. You can walk all the way there (not suggested), take the shuttle bus, or walk partway up and then take the gondola (also not suggested). Originally, we wanted to take the shuttle, but couldn't manage to find the pick-up spot, so we opted to take the gondola. In retrospect, I wish we had tried harder to find the bus stop because the gondola ride was not at all worth it - the line was insanely long (as in it took us almost two hours to get through), and it was 8 dollars for a 2 minute ride. So... if I ever go again, I will be taking the city bus, and I suggest you do the same. This is the page where I got my directions to the tower.

Unfortunately, the air pollution was very bad the day we went, so the views of the city were not as inspiring as I had hoped, but I did manage to get a few decent shots. One of the things Seoul Tower is well-known for are the thousands of 'love locks' that encrust the railings surrounding the tower. Hundreds of couples come each month and leave a lock, key chain, or sometimes even a phone case with their names, a date, and usually a cute message of love. 

My favorite part of the experience was when the tower lights were turned on, after it got dark. I finally got the picture I was after, and was treated to the beautiful views in a very atmospheric setting. I'll be frank, Seoul Tower is not the most exciting adventure I've been on as it is, after all, just a tower; however, I would still recommend it to anyone looking to burn a few hours in Seoul with some laid back, low-effort sightseeing. The love locks are wonderfully unique, and the tower at night is an ethereal, and truly iconic sight.

Enjoy the beautiful view!

Morgan S.