5 for Friday: People, Gestures, Moments

There's no story.
It's just ... people, gestures, moments, bits of rapture, fleeting emotions.
In short, the greatest stories ever told.

~Waking Life

That is one of my favorite quotes ever. I think about it often, and how it applies to not just my life, but everyone around me. The greatest, most important stories can happen in a single second: a furtive glance, a sad smile, a lingering moment that means infinitely more than the sum of it's parts, but is gone before you can fully understand what happened. We don't remember our lives as though they were a movie, or at least I don't. We remember in fragments and snapshots, Polaroids that come together to make this fantastic, lyrical mosaic of all that are we. So, in the spirit of that idea - I present to you my 5 for Friday... five moments from the recent past that are now a part of my story, that made me feel like I even have one to begin with.

I share these with you not because they are particularly important to your life, but because I encourage you to look for them in your own. If there is one thing I have learned in the past year or so, it's that there is beauty to be found in every situation. Those "bits of rapture" constantly pass in and out of our lives, and if you don't reach out and pull them to you, they will simply float on by.

1. My student gave me this bracelet. She came up to me after class and told me to close my eyes and put out my hand. I did, and when I opened them, there this was. She told me she made it herself, because, "Teacher.. I think.. you like things that..ummm are unique. " I collect one bracelet everywhere I go, and did not have one yet for Korea, but this is officially my favorite.

2. I've been folding origami stars. I accidentally kicked the jar over when I was cleaning, and this happened. I don't know why, but it just tickled me - a tiny galaxy on the floor of my room ^^

3. Every couple months my Dad sends me my mail from home. It's usually rather unexciting - advertisements, and monthly bank statements. This time, however, he included this beautiful card saying that he missed me, and hopes I'm having a happy summer. Awwww ^^

4.  Actually getting out of bed on a Sunday to work on this blog. For some reason, I'm always surprised when people tell me that they read this, even though I know the exact number of views each post gets. But more than surprised it makes me happy, and inspires me to do more and be better - thus the Sunday afternoon coffee shop session.

5. My kiddos being super into my summer camp activities. My winter camp did not go super well, so it feels really nice to have the kids both understand and enjoy the lesson plan.


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Enjoy the beautiful view!

Morgan S.