Japan: Arriving in Osaka

About two weeks ago I took a short trip to Japan. The day of my departure I went to school all day, hopped in a taxi at 4, took the KTX to Seoul, the Airport Express train to Incheon Airport, and then a Peach Airlines flight to Kansai Airport in Osaka. It was a LONG day. This being said, I totally made an international flight in a four hour window and the Airport Express train is my new favorite method of travel between Seoul to ICN. 

As I had no data on my phone; naturally, the first thing I did in Osaka was get totally lost. Yay! In a way though,  I'm glad it happened because one of the nicest interactions I've ever had with another human being occurred as a result.  I was wandering around lost and I ask a nice-looking woman on the street for help. She didn't know where the station was, but she whips out her phone and tries to find it.

For some reason, it wasn't coming up on her phone, so she then hails a taxi, gets inside with me, talks to the driver, calls the hostel, goes with me to the hostel, walks me to the front door, and then refused to take my money, despite me offering it repeatedly. A total stranger went almost an hour out of her way to help me, and asked for nothing in return. I'll probably never see her again, but I'll always remember what she did for me.

The next day I made my way to Osaka Castle and was, again, helped by three complete strangers. Every time I was standing around looking lost, someone came over and tried to help. Literally every Japanese person I met was not only helpful, but extremely friendly - it was amazing!

Next, I made my way to Namba, which is a major shopping and eating center in Osaka. It's probably bad of me to say, but I enjoyed Namba more than Osaka Castle. The castle was absolutely beautiful, but Namba had great shopping, fantastic food, and just a generally cool vibe.

I took way too many pictures to put my whole trip in the same post. So, keep an eye out for my temple hopping adventures in Kyoto. Hopefully, by the end of this week... ^^

Enjoy the beautiful view!